Patterns and components are the building blocks used to design our websites and apps.

We cover each pattern in detail; explaining the reasons behind our decisions, as well as general implementation rules and states. Within each component section there is a link to the corresponding component in Zeplin - where you can access the specifications needed to build them.

# For developers

# For designers

We use a number of Sketch libraries that are linked together to create our designs and components. To download them, you will need access to the following folder:

NBUX Sketch Libraries

# NBUX Starter Kit

To get started, you can download a file with the artboards already set up:

Download Sketch File

NBUX Starter Kit

We recommend that this file should be added as a Sketch template, so that new designs can be started with the artboards and grids already set up. To save a Sketch template, just download this file and choose 'Save as Template' from the file menu within Sketch.

# Useful plugins

  • Camilo, for switching brands - required
  • Stark, for colour accessibility checks - required
  • Zeplin, for design handover - required
  • Automate sketch - optional
  • Renameit - optional
  • Styles generator - optional
  • Symbol organiser - optional
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