# Iconography

Icons serve as a common visual language, and help our users quickly understand our interfaces without having to read every word.

They are important and useful visual aid but shouldn't be relied on solely to communicate.

# Design

The NBUX icon library has been designed to be familiar to users and representative of common actions with consistency throughout.

# System icons

System icons are designed and used at 24x24. These icons are common interface icons - created in Illustrator on a 24x24 grid, with a 2px stroke weight.

System icons

# Hero icons

Hero icons are designed and used at 40x40. These icons are currently used in the new My Account screens.

Hero icons

# Usage

Where possible, NBUX icons should be used as a supporting visual aid alongside descriptive text. Some icons can also stand alone without labels, such as icons within the navigation bar.

Icon actions

Last Updated: 10/6/2020, 8:34:39 AM