# How we design

A customer’s perception of a brand is formed partly from their interaction with the website and other interactive services.

Most people can’t differentiate how they feel about a brand from how they feel about the experiences they have with that brand - so in many cases, user experience becomes the brand differentiator.

For us, that means the user’s experience on our sites and apps have never been more important for our brands.

# Mobile users

In 2019, we saw an increase in mobile users to take us to over 75% mobile usage across all brands, we also saw session times get shorter. Our users expect to be able to accomplish their task, quickly and easily on any device.

Regardless of their goal, and faced with increased choice, users make the following quick calculation when​ landing on a site:​

“Whats in it for me?” vs “How easy is it to use?”

Our design principles exist to ensure we design content that is easy to find, is relevant and easy to use.​

# Principles

# Simplicity

‘Dont make me think’ - the customer shouldn’t have to use much mental energy to figure out what they are looking at. Our goal is to design experiences which customers just ‘get’.

# Clarity

The user needs to understand the value of the product or service we are offering. Use easy to understand language and be clear on whats in it for the customer.

# Respectful

Very often users will come to our sites with a specific goal in mind. Our role is to respect that intent and allow the user to accomplish their goal without placing obstacles or distractions in their way.

# Trustworthy

Before asking someone to complete an action, make every effort to help them understand why the task is needed.

# Speed

Design for speed - only include essential content and ensure all assets are optimised.

Last Updated: 10/6/2020, 8:34:39 AM