# Overflow menu

The overflow menu is a scrollable menu of buttons.

This is often used for information specific to the page or section, rather than global navigation - the Simply Be Product Listing Page is a good example of this - buttons in a horizontal scrolling container are used to allow the user to quickly filter into sub-categories of dresses.

# Component

# Rules


  • Make the links resemble a call to action (CTA).
  • Make the links obvious that they are clickable.
  • Accurately describe what the user will find by clicking the link.
  • Make scrolling obvious where possible, the right sided link should give the impression that the user can scroll.


  • Don't have too many links in the menu - we know that if there's more than 9 users find the choice to be overwhelming
  • Don't wrap the links onto multiple lines
  • If the button has an icon, make it easy to identify.

# Structure

Overflow structure

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